What is the importance of sleep with dreams?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Freud has some interesting thoughts on the topics.  In Freudian work and analysis, the expression of our dreams is the subconscious expressing itself.  In the modern setting, Freud argues that our interaction in society requires us to repress our subconscious when we function in the daily workings of the social order.  At the same time, this causes great consternation to our subconscious, which seeks to express itself and be free.  Freud argues that it is through slumber and dream expression where our subconscious can be clearly understood.  The role of the interpreter of dreams is to then find a link between what is expressed in our dreams and our own experience.  In this respect, sleep is an important element in the expression of our subconscious, or dreams.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The true function and importance of sleep with rapid eye movement (REM) is not clear to scientists.

It is clear that it has some function because the body will try to provide extra REM sleep if it has been deprived of REM sleep for some period of time.  However, it is not clear why it does this.

However, it is also clear that REM sleep is not essential.  Clinical studies that prevented REM sleep have been conducted and subjects have shown no ill effects of being deprived.  Similarly, people taking certain antidepressants that prevent REM sleep have survived without ill effects for years.

So, it is completely unclear as to why (or if) sleep with dreams (REM sleep) is important.

giorgiana1976 | Student

In Los Angeles,a study was conducted on laboratory rats to show the importance of REM sleep (rapid eyes movement). From a health perspective, sleep is divided into 4 stages, during the period when we sleep we go through all these stages. REM sleep (ie sleep appearing rapid movements of eyeballs and  during which dreams occur) is one of those stages.

The study was conducted on male rats that were artificially deprived of REM sleep,and it was used  a control group of rats which weren't deprived of sleep. There was a drop of 63% of cell proliferation in the batch of rats which were deprived of sleep, compared with controls.

A conclusion was:after that 4 days of REM sleep deprivation leads to a decrease in cell proliferation in rats.

The people had a similar effect, with the mention that repeated REM sleep deprivation leads to a decrease in capacity of concentration and ultimately to depression.

The study was conducted only on REM sleep effects, such benefits should not being neglected at the other stages of sleep. People who suspect that he suffers from sleep disorder are advised to contact the family doctor or a doctor specializing in sleep problems.

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