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What arguments can be made for the statement that "no other subject taught in school is as important as moral science"?

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One argument for the primacy of teaching moral science (ethics) in school is that ethical grounding is necessary for healthy individual and community life. Those who are ethically grounded suffer fewer personality disorders than those who are not, and thus are able to contribute a great deal more productivity to their communities and society. Also, since human societies are constantly changing, we face new and unexpected ethical dilemmas to which there are no answers yet. One example of this is the current status of machines like robots that have "artificial intelligence." It is speculated that if such beings become intelligent enough, they may be due certain rights and privileges similar to those granted to human beings. Teaching ethics in schools ensures that community members seriously engage these questions.

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gyaneshanand | Student
==By Gyanesh Anand : St. Teresa's School , Bhagalpur.== First I would like to begin with a simple Question.''Friends,how can you prove that all other subjects taught are more important.'' You may ask 'Does moral science give us technologies and Invented machines?Does it give us language for speaking?'I would come to defend this and say 'Yes it does.. What Moral Science gives us is the conscience.It is the foundation of all other sciences.Great scientists persisted at their positions for many years to develop something which would benefit humanity.But who convinced them that what they are discovering is rightful for mankind.The fact that many scientists even join terririst group cannot be denied , friends.Now I would ask where the science is helpful now.Is it not that due to lack of moral thet fail to go on right track.So friends the moral science must be taught sincerely in the schools.