What is the importance of group-work in the field of social work?

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Involving a group in any social work endeavor allows for multiple viewpoints and sources of input as the work progresses. This becomes important when the purpose of the work involves making decisions that may affect the lives of the persons or organizations at the center of the effort. If the value of an after-school program is being evaluated to determine continued funding, for example, using a group of people to collect data will permit contact with a larger number of former, current, and possible future participants. A group will have a larger combined amount of time to spend interviewing, auditing records, and developing conclusions. To have such a process completed by one person would greatly reduce the amount of information collected or would hugely increase the time involved in gathering the information, and would allow any biases that one individual might bring to the project to go unchecked by other opinions.