What is the importance of Chapter 14 in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Chapter 14 is a coming of age chapter for both Jem and Scout.  More so for Jem than Scout.  Jem is becoming older, more mature, and more socially conscious.  That is why he feels the need to lecture Scout on how to not act like a child.  Of course Scout doesn't react super well to that, because she IS a child still.  

Chapter 14 is also the chapter in which Dill returns to Maycomb.  He has run away from his home.  This indicates further to the reader at how good a father Atticus is and how good he is at keeping a household.  It also shows that Aunt Alexandra, while a nag, acts out of love.  Dill likes all of that.  

Jem does go tell Atticus that Dill is there and hiding, and Scout feels like it is a betrayal. It isn't. It's Jem taking another step into adulthood by doing what is right and not what he feels like doing.  

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