Western Expansion, Manifest Destiny, and the Mexican-American War

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Imperialism vs. Manifest Destiny Compare and contrast European Imperialism with the American concept of Manifest Destiny. What are the similarities and what are the differences.

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Both movements were seeking economic expansion, pursuing the obvious opportunities in the west and the New World, although Manifest Destiny was a more vague social notion, held loosely by individuals who wanted to move west for the chance at land or success, while European imperialism was a much more well-defined and directed set of policies put forth by royalty.  Manifest Destiny also dd not include so much nationalist pride and competition as imperialism did.

The similarity is that in each case the country wanted to expand its land holdings, and did so by offering cheap or free land to ambitious settlers who were so desperate to get out of where they were that they took on this incredible gamble. In each case, the expanding country felt it was entitled to the land and the natives on it had to go.

I also tend to think that the two are closely linked, one just uses a slightly different justification for their empire building.  I also was surprised at the idea of Americans treating the...

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