According to Hobson, who benefits the most from imperialism?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

John Hobson had strong views on imperialism. He believed that those who benefited from imperialism were the countries and the investors in the countries that were doing the colonizing. Hobson believed the talk about helping underdeveloped nations learn and grown from being a colony of a more developed nation was just a way to divert attention from the real goals of a country being imperialistic. It wasn’t about bringing civility and religion to different groups of people. It was all about economic gain.

Hobson believed countries used imperialism as a way to profit financially. He felt that countries and businesses could get resources cheaper from its colonies. He also felt that countries and businesses could benefit by having a guaranteed market where they could sell their products. This would allow the imperialistic country to benefit. Thus, it was those people who invested the capital that stood to gain the most by having their country support a policy of imperialism, especially if their country would use the military to protect their investment. If these investors could have more products being sold, they would profit from this arrangement.

farouk23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hobson believed that the groups that benefited the most from imperialism were the capitalist class or those who controlled the money and resources. His opposition to imperialism and to capitalism in general was formed over the years by studying the effects of both ideologies. He came to the conclusion that they were inextricably linked and complemented each other. For example his observation as a newspaper correspondent in South Africa covering the Boer War is a case in point. Hobson came to the conclusion that moneyed interests like Cecil Rhodes were manipulating British public opinion in order to fight the war. He believed this was done so that those interests could control the vast resources available in South Africa.