What impact did Alexander Hamilton have on US history?

gsenviro | Student

Alexander Hamilton, considered a key founder of a strong federal government, influenced American history by the following acts:

  1. Founder of American financial system (funding of state's debt by federal government, system of tariffs, created a US mint, created a tax collection bureau that later became US Coast Guard, etc.)
  2. One of the prominent supporters and interpreters of the American constitution (wrote 51 of 85 installments of the Federalist Papers, the single most important reference for constitutional interpretation.)
  3. Founder of the Federal party, which was the world's first voter-based political party
  4. Primary author of economic policies during George Washington's administration
  5. Established a national bank (Bank of the United States)
  6. promoted friendly ties with Britain and neutrality towards France
  7. Supported Jefferson's election as the President even though they had philosophical differences. 
  8. His reports on Manufactures promoted the commercial and industrial growth of a newly independent country.

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