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The Tin Flute is a great example of realism. It is interesting how Roy chose to write in third-person omniscient and this choice really added to the novel by allowing many different viewpoints.Roy tried at showing the reader each character’s innermost thoughts, which at times can be both raw and selfish. The characters can be viewed as selfish and completely absorbed in their own various happenings. The flaws and frustrations of all of these characters is what bring the realist element to the table.Roy explores the struggle to escape the paradoxical cycle of poverty, exploited by war and perpetuated by peace.Roy creates an image of suffering which is not easy to shake. .Roy appeals to our human compassion through her intimate portrayal of human suffering. The realism makes the novel move at the pace of a film, with highly emotional scenes. Unlike a film, her realism simultaneously draws us even closer to the characters by exposing their thoughts, which are deeply personal, not always flattering and often in direct opposition to their actions. Tin Flute is an important piece of work for the genre of realism because it honestly portrays the lives of people living in Montreal slums in the early 20th c. This is why the novel is important, because it makes a statement.Roy’s used her ability of eloquent descriptions to burn this image of poverty into people’s minds. While Rose-Anna is searching for a new house in the ‘spring move’ she describes,

 “A crowd  of ragged children were playing on the sidewalk among the litter. Women, think and sad, stood in their evil-smelling doorways, astonished by the sunlight. Others, indoors, set their babies on the windowsill and stared out aimlessly. Everywhere you saw windows plugged with rags or oiled paper. Everywhere you heard shrill voices,children crying, cries of misery coming from the depths of this house or that, door and shutters closed, dead, walled up against if it were a tomb (97).”
 That  paints a picture of a slum very vividly. Thiese are very realistic images of a war suffering society.

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The futility of war, dispossession, and solitude are themes in The Tin Flute that express realism. Explore these themes for an understanding of why realism has such an impact in the story. For example, war and loss resonate strongly with most people.

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