The French and Indian War (The Seven Years' War)

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What was the impact and outcome of the French and Indian War?

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There were many impacts of the French and Indian War, which was a very significant turning point in world power dynamics. 

For one thing, the Treaty of Paris, the treaty that concluded the war, ceded all French territory in North America to Great Britain. In short, France was finished as an imperial power in North America. However, the British found this to be a mixed blessing. This upset the fragile balance of power that Native peoples, most notably the Iroquois confederacy, had been able to use to their advantage. One immediate effect of the Treaty of Paris was Pontiac's Rebellion, which resulted in part from Native anxieties about their treatment at the hands of the British and future colonial expansion. In an effort to avert future conflicts with Native peoples, the British crown issued the Proclamation of 1763, which forbade settlement by British colonists west of a line that extended along the Appalachian Mountains. This angered many American settlers and land speculators.

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