The impact of global warming on the community and around the world

maahzinhaah | Student

There are many impacts that the world can experience from global warming. One of the impacts are the raising of the sea level, due to the increase in the average world temperature, which can influence in the regions that are closer to sea. Also, it can result in a desertification of determinated places, because the raise in temperatures can threat several species, as well as making the ecosystems become unstable, which is combined to deforestation and the breaking of the water cycles brings consequences of floods in some areas and severe droughts in other areas.

Besides, the intensity of natural phenomenons is increasing. We usually had regular hurricanes and storms, and one bigger event every 10 years, one even bigger every 100 years and a major one every 500 years. With global warming, the occurence of this events is increasing, and now instead of every 10 years, big natural events are occuring every 1 year, and the major ones are occuring once in every 100 years instead of once in every 500 years. Another consequence are waves of heat, such as in Europe, that killed young and old people due to the intense heat waves. 

In local communities, depending in the geographic location and demographical rates, the consequences can go from resource scarcity to floods or droughts, as well as lowering levels of food per capita and decrease in economic production.


roshanbht | Student

Impacts of global warming.
-Intense Rainstorms
-Drought and Wildfire
-More Powerful and Dangerous Hurricanes,etc.
      and i hope u understand how these problems affect  community as well as world.