Is it important to follow rules? How does that question relate to The Giver and to someone's personal life?

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These questions deal with the themes of the book and how those themes relate to your own life. Your teacher wants you to think about our world today and how our world would be affected if we had no rules, or if no one followed any of our rules. First, think about what actions are against the law: murder, theft, and assault are just a few of the most serious ones. Now ask yourself what would happen if we didn't have those laws, or what would happen if no one obeyed them.

You can also look at some of our rules that aren't quite as serious as the ones above, perhaps those that affect your own generation. The drinking age is twenty-one--should it be lower? Should government have the right to force young people to go to school? Should schools be able to set a dress code?

Just consider what's important to you, or what rules or laws affect you, how they affect you, and then decide which you think are unfair or should be changed. Your teacher wants a personal reaction from you after you've read a book where society controls every aspect of a person's life.

Good luck! I hope I've helped you get started.

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