Immediately after the Big Bang, list the order of the following components in the universe from biggest to smallest?   Dark Energy, Normal Matter, Radiation, and Dark Matter.  

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The correct order you have requested, from largest to smallest, is as follows:  1.) dark energy, 2.) dark matter, 3.) normal matter, and finally 4.) radiation.

It is amazing to think, as much progress we have attained within the last few centuries, there is still relatively much that is unknown about space.  The farthest we have ever been, as far as a manned mission, has been to our own moon, which you could easily hit if you had a good "cosmic slingshot."  Most everything else is still unknown, as the original Star Trek opening line stated:  "Space...the final frontier..."

The energy known as dark energy composes 68% of everything in the known universe.  After that, the matter known as dark matter takes second place at 27%.  What is termed "normal matter" is less than the remaining 5%.  Normal matter would be the stars, the earth, all the planets, moons, meteors, asteroids, and comets.  Maybe 1% would represent radiation, which is the smallest division of energy in the universe.

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