Immature DadOk,so Im expelled for something this immature boy at my school did, but anyways, I got home from night school and it was really cold and my hands were numb and my dad asked for me or my...

Immature Dad

Ok,so Im expelled for something this immature boy at my school did, but anyways, I got home from night school and it was really cold and my hands were numb and my dad asked for me or my sister to wash a pan ad our electric is off so we dont have hot water so I asked my sister to do it and she said no and my dad yells FINE ILL DO IT BUT YALL GET TO DO THE REST OF THE DISHES!!! so i get up to go wash a pan and say No ill do it. and he tells me no because something then he starts jumping on my case and I try to tell him stop yelling ive been in a grumpy mood all day then I try to explain to him it was because our neibor was being a jerk and i went to school and the whole ride home kalob (the boy whos a desperate flirt who got me in trouble) i had to put up with him and he was rubbing up on me and wouldnt leave me alone and now your on me then i try to keep explaining and hes being immature talking over me  BLA BLA BLA  and making baby cry noises and me allready mad yell GROW UP AND STOP ACTING LIKE YOUR FIVE!!! and he always acts like hes five and not 41 and i can never talk to him. plz ... some advice.

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It sounds like both of you need to learn when to stay away from each other. Sometimes, people need to realize that they are far too emotional to act rationally. I know that when I am overly emotional, some things come out differently than they would if I were thinking more clearly. That said, if both of you are trying to speak over the other, not much will ever get accomplished. Therefore, I would suggest taking some time to calm down before you both try to talk about what happened.

e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you can find a way to improve communication, maybe you can make things easier on you and on your dad.

A line like this one could help to let your dad know that you are trying to hear him and that you want to be heard: "I hear what you are saying. Let me tell you what I think you are saying and tell me if I am right or wrong." 

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It sounds like you had a tough day.  Sometimes it helps to try to look at things from another person's perspective.  I know it's hard, but maybe you can try to understand why your dad acts the way he does?  Also, you might be able to talk to someone at school if it really is not your fault.

frizzyperm | Student

Gosh, what a life, eh? It can be hard sometimes.

I don't know you or your father, so what I am about to say might not be 'right' for your situation, you must decide.

The arguments I had with my father were mostly because we had the same personality faults. He is my Dad, we share similar personalities. When I was your age I thought all the arguments were 100% his fault. I thought he was being totally unreasonable and bad tempered. I thought he was being a total jerk and I was being OK. Now I am older I can see that I was creating a lot of the negative energy, but I didn't see it. The arguments were a 50/50 game of head-banging.

After reading your story, I wonder if it is possible that you came home in a foul mood from a bad day with bad body language and a confrontational tone of voice. Did you stomp into the house, filling the emotional landscape with danger signs and challenges? In your story you mention four bad situations that you were in and you say that they were all other peoples' faults (1) expelled due to a boy who was a jerk. (2) Dad was a jerk (3) Neighbor was a jerk (4) Kalob was a jerk 

I'm not on your case, I'm on your side I promise, but in my life, people often behave like jerks when I'm being a jerk.


alexislavy | Student

yea hes just that way when he "doesent wanna hear it" and thx ill try to talk to him later when im not in sutch a bad mood