Imagine yourself as Ravi in Games at Twilight and you are hiding in the shed. Write about your feelings and thoughts as you remain there.

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It helps to try to put yourself into Ravi's shoes, to try to think about what he might be thinking and feeling.  And, Anita Desai herself gives a really great description in the story--read through that too, and it will help.

Here's what we know about Ravi and his situation, that will help us to put ourselves in his shoes.  He is a little kid who is desparate to win the game of hide 'n' seek.  He is afraid, rightly, of the bully Raghu, and of getting caught and tormented by him.  He is super excited about having found such a genius hiding place, and is imagining his victory.  At the same time, imagine being in a dark, unused storage shed--it's dusty, dirty, dank, dark, and filled with bugs and unknown critters. That can be pretty terrifying to a little boy.

So, taking that information, we can conclude that his thoughts and feelings are going to be a strange combination of fear and giddiness--fear at the environment, giddiness at besting the bully Raghu.  If you are writing from his perspective, start by describing the ickiness of the shed, and your fear at bugs and cobwebs.  Use imagery, or the 5 senses, to help the reader feel like they are there in the shed with you.  Be terrified but determined to stick it out, in order to win.  Then, let your thoughts stray to what winning would be like, and in the process of thinking about this, you forget all about how scary the shed is.

I hope that those thoughts help you to get started; good luck!

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