How would I write a diary entry about Mr. and Mrs. Stapleton by Watson from The Hound of the Baskervilles ch 6-7?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Watson’s diary entry should focus on what information is learned of the Stapletons and what he knows.

Holmes sends Watson ahead to investigate the moor, and Watson writes him several times to describe what is going on.  

We are first introduced to the Stapletons as part of the list of people who live in the area of Baskerville Hall.  The moors have few inhabitants.  Stapelton is a naturalist, and lives with a sister “who is said to be a young lady of attractions” (ch 6).  There is not much else known about them.

When Watson meets Stapleton, he seems to know who Watson is.  Watson might comment on this.  He would also describe the man as he saw him.

He was a small, slim, clean-shaven, prim-faced man, flaxen-haired and lean-jawed, between thirty and forty years of age, dressed in a grey suit and wearing a straw hat (ch 7).

Stapleton is somewhat snobbish.  He describes the other inhabitants of the moor as “peasants” and says that they will believe 


Watson, who generally has an eye for women, is interested in Miss Stapleton.  He considers her a clear contrast from her brother, and says he knows her because women are scare and she was described as a beauty.

With her perfect figure and elegant dress she was, indeed, a strange apparition upon a lonely moorland path. (ch 7)

Even though Holmes is not likely to appreciate the female figure, Watson certainly would have described her.  She told him to go back to London instantly.  This warning fell on deaf but curious ears.

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