Imagine you are stranded on the cay. How would you survive with the limited resources left by Timothy?This question should be answered by help of The Cay by Theodore Taylor.

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Naturally, Phillip is handicapped by his blindness in Theodore Taylor's novel, The Cay, so only this disability will restrict him to the amount of edible foods that he is able to procure. There are sea grapes and coconut available on the island, and Timothy has taught Phillip how to catch the langosta lobster that can be found in the surrounding waters. Along with the coconut milk, Phillip is able to catch rain water to drink, so these needed liquids should sustain him. Timothy has also provided Phillip with homemade fish hooks, and with an ocean full of fish at hand, Phillip will only need to be patient in order to catch the food that he needs. Although the hurricane destroyed the hut, the plentiful palm fronds can once again be constructed to provide relief from the sun.

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book The Cay after Timothy dies Phillip goes looking for a way to catch food.  Like him, I would locate the fishing poles.  Timothy had left about a dozen of them already set up with hooks and weights so they would only require something to be used for bait.  Stew Cat had killed a bird so I would use the meat from the bird for bait. 

Phillip was also aware of how to locate lobsters but unfortunately grabbed into a hole with an eel.  I would hunt for lobsters as well.  In addition, I would use the palm fronds to rebuild a shelter and maybe try and make a basket with some of them to catch and store fish in the water. 

Timothy taught Phillip how to catch condensation and drink from the coconuts and to eat sea grapes, and if one eats the fish one also gains liquid in ones system.

I would also do like Phillip had done and walk along the shore routinely looking for helpful items that might wash ashore.