In "A Horse and Two Goats," what would a diary entry written by Muni look like on the day that he met the American?  

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Any diary entry concerning Muni's experience with the "red faced" foreigner would have to focus on the way in which Muni's feelings towards him change as their conversation continues. Initially of course Muni feels fear when this strange figure stops to talk to him, fearing that he must be some kind of policeman or that he is in trouble. However, as the conversation develops and the two try to communicate, a series of assumptions and mistakes leads Muni to believe that the American wants to buy his remaining two goats for a considerable sum. Note what he says to his wife when he goes back home clutching the money he has been given:

I have sold our goats to a red-faced man. He was absolutely crazy to have them, gave me all this money and carried them off in his motor car!

The account therefore must trace the development in the relationship between Muni and this red-faced foreigner and how it moves through fear to bafflement and finally to the point where Muni thinks the American must be crazy. Eventually of course the story ends with confusion once again as the goats return and Muni tries to encourage them to go back to the American. Any diary entry would therefore have to identify these different emotions.

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