Imagine you are creating a movie pitch on Animal Farm. Identify actors to play particular roles.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that we need to suspend a bit of reality here and presume that we are looking for actors to portray the animal characters.  Whether that means that they don the costumes of the animals is a different story.  I think that Napoleon has to be portrayed by Daniel Day- Lewis.  If we are looking for the most three dimensional elements of political control, Daniel Day- Lewis would bring about a new level of understanding to Napoleon.  In terms of finding an actor to play Boxer, I like Bryan Cranston. This might be a stretch, but Tom Hanks could also pull off a good boxer.  Has there been a role in the last twenty years where we have not felt empathy for his characters?  They both have a way of bringing out empathy in the characters they portray.   The fact that Boxer is already empathetic means that they would add more to what is a rich characterization.  I like Jeremy Renner for Snowball.  Renner has a type of energy that can be charismatic, which are essential ingredients for Snowball.  The matron approach that Clover is would be great for Joan Allen.  She is a character actress that embraces the complexities and sadness of what it means to care in a world that does not encourage caring.  Old Major is someone with a grandeur and a sense of circumstance that Sir Ian McKellan would possess.  I know that pulling from Gandalf is not that much of a stretch, but when we think of Old Major's opening speech, would Sir Ian McKellan capture the essence of motivation and galvanizing power that is intrinsic to it?  Stanley Tucci is someone that I think would be excellent for Squealer.  Perhaps, I am pulling from his roles in The Terminal and Maid in Manhattan, but he is perfect for the "spin master" that Squealer is.  These roles also show individuals who love power, another one of Squealer's traits.