Imagine that you are an author and have been asked to present a speech about a novel.

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Giving readings of their works accompanied by talks about it is increasingly a way for contemporary authors to earn their living, although lecture tours by authors (such as the enormously successful one by Oscar Wilde) dated back to the nineteenth century. Whether in person or on television, talks and interviews done for pay or to promote a book need to entertain their audiences, and thus rely heavily on humor and anecdote.

A traditional way to start such a speech is to talk about the circumstances of writing the book. Was it a first book? A sequel? Was the author already widely published or just a novice with a day job? 

Next, one might talk about real life events that influenced or inspired the book. For example, were any of the characters based on friends or family or neighbors? What inspired the setting of the book?

Finally, one might address important choices, such as killing off a character or having character A marry character B rather that character C.

anindo | Student

Mostly novels are based on the true events which had happened in the life of author in the past or it is based on myths or what goes on in author mind .if i wold be a novelist in my first speech i would say that my characters are strong as my story .whats my destined  of observing life will reflect in my novel.from very childhood what i have seen is moored in my memory so every word had its different meaning and can be interpreted in different ways  so by reading this novel you can  roughly interpret the core  of the novel which tells about my experiance.