Imagine you are Molly in Private Peaceful. Write a page in your diary explaining how you feel about Tommo and Charlie leaving to go to war.

When writing a page in a diary for Molly from Private Peaceful, consider that Molly is a kind, empathetic character who is being separated for the first time from her husband, Charlie, whom she has recently married, and his brother Tommo, for whom she also cares deeply. She would not only express fear and pain on her own account, but would imagine how they must be feeling.

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In Michael Morpurgo's Private Peaceful, Molly becomes Tommo's friend on his first day of school. She, Tommo and Charlie quickly become inseparable, and she becomes an honorary member of the Peaceful family, like a sister to both boys, with the vital distinction that they both end up falling in love with her.

In writing Molly's diary entry, you should bear the following points in mind. Within the structure of the novel, the diary entry takes place in chapter...

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