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Imagine you are Ali in "The Kitemaker." You have just lost your grandfather. Write a letter to your uncle in Pakistan telling him about the many qualities of your grandfather, Mehmood. Give your answer in first-person perspective. Refer to the short story "The Kitemaker" by Ruskin Bond.

In a letter to his uncle in Pakistan, Ali from "The Kitemaker" would have mentioned his grandfather's love for his grandson as one of his grandfather's qualities. He might have also mentioned his grandfather's skills and success as a kitemaker.

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In the story "The Kitemaker," Ruskin Bond tells the story of an old man, Mehmood, who is reflecting on his life. At the end of the story, Mehmood sadly passes away, and his body is found by his grandson, Ali.

If you were to write a letter from Ali's perspective about his grandfather, you might want to start off by writing how sad you are feeling after having just lost your grandfather. We can tell from the story that Ali and Mehmood were very close, as the author tells us that it "gladdened the old man's heart to watch the small boy play." This indicates that Ali must have spent a lot of time with his grandfather. Therefore, Ali might want to stress in his letter that one of the old man's qualities had been the love he had felt for his grandson.

To highlight Mehmood's qualities further, you might want to explore how Ali would praise his grandfather's skills as a famous kitemaker. I would imagine that Ali would have been very proud of the fact that his grandfather used to be a famous and successful man in his younger years: he had "been well known throughout the city." Added to that, Ali would probably also mention the fact that Mehmood even made a kite for the "Nawab," the most high-ranking person within the community. This is very important to mention, as it would have been an immense privilege and honor for Mehmood.

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