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Imagine you are Ali from "The Kitemaker." You have just lost your grandfather. Write a letter toyour uncle in Pakistan telling him about the many qualities of your grandfather, Mehmood. Give your answer in first-person perspective. Refer to the short story "The Kitemaker" by Ruskin Bond.

When writing a letter from the perspective of Ali in "The Kitemaker" to his uncle in Pakistan, recall some of the qualities about Mehmood that the narrator mentions. For example, the narrator describes Mehmood as skilled and creative. Mehmood also shows love and compassion for his grandson. Using the pronoun “I,” pretend to be the grandson addressing the uncle who could not see Mehmood because of the country partition.

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One of the most important parts of this assignment is identifying and incorporating qualities about Mehmood, the kitemaker. It might be useful to start by going through the story and identifying some of Mehmood’s characteristics that you think are important. For example, note how the narrator explains how Mehmood had once made a unique type of kite that was “unlike any that had been seen in the district.” This tells the reader that Mehmood was creative and that he was very skilled at his craft.

Mehmood’s creativity and skill are both qualities that his grandson would likely recall fondly in a letter to his uncle. Recall that the narrator mentioned that his uncle was not able to see his family because of the partition. This means that was not able to be near his father in the time before he died. He would likely be comforted by a compassionate letter that discusses his father’s quiet strength, skill, and compassion.

To write the letter in the first person perspective, use the pronoun “I.” For example, a line from the letter might look something like this:

"Dearest Uncle,

I am deeply saddened by this loss. But it makes me happy to remember how grandfather loved to give me advice. He was so smart and always seemed to know what to do …”

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