Imagine you are a CEO or manager and there is a situation of gender inequality in your company. Explain a specific leadership behavior you could exhibit that would allow male and female employees to enjoy a level playing field in the workplace.

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One major issue being discussed with regards to gender equality is that of equivalent work, something being addressed in an interesting fashion in new gender equity initiatives in Iceland.

Many jobs require equivalent skills and types of labor but are divided by gender with the traditionally female job titles being paid less. For example, security guards and receptionists both are positions which require only a high school diploma and which focus on controlling access to company facilities. However, the position of security guard which is traditionally male pays substantially more than that of receptionist. In a similar example, social service workers are paid less than probation officers despite often having similar sills and responsibilities. This leads to gender pay inequality.

Two strategies could address this form of inequality. First, one could monitor job titles that skew heavily male or female and advise HR departments to recruit in such a way as to remedy gender imbalances. The second strategy would be to examine pay scales for patterns of equivalent positions having radically different salaries. Two positions which require equivalent levels of education, skill, responsibility, and ability to work independently should have similar hourly rates.

Another key strategy for reducing gender inequities caused by unequal pay for jobs traditionally held by people of a particular gender is to groom people for leadership positions in areas traditionally associated with a different gender. In other words, to help balance out an issue of security guards being traditionally male and receptionists female, one could mentor outstanding female security guards so that they could rise to leadership positions, something that would, over time, lead to a better gender balance in the department.

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