Imagine you are Abigail. The ship you boarded has just sailed. Write your thoughts. -Thank you-(Add any possible details)

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Since Abigail is selfish and self-serving, it is unlikely she'd feel any guilt for what she's done.  In fact, she would probably see herself as the one who had been harmed and she'd justify her actions based on the belief that she is guiltless and that others are to blame for what happened.  So, with that idea, this is what thoughts might go through her head at this time.

Those fools!  Those poeple in Salem are so weak and John Proctor is the weakest of them all.  They are trying to blame me for the things that have happened, but I'm the vicitm here.  The only thing I ever did was to love John.  And he loved me!  Until that wife of his, that pathetic, cold wife, put so much guilt and shame on him that he turned away from me.  I hate her!  She threw me out of his house because she knew John loved me, not her, and that weakling John went along with her.  How could he do that to me?  I know he still loves me and wants me, but she's the one keeping us apart.  If she hadn't thrown me out of the house, I wouldn't have had to go to Tituba to get a potion to make John take me back.  None of this would have happened if I hadn't had to go to Tituba.  Rev. Parris, my uncle, would never have found all of us girls in the woods dancing and taking off our clothes.  Betty wouldn't have had to be so dramatic and start the witchcraft accusations.  After she pulled her stunt of acting like she was being controlled by witchcraft, what could I do?  I had to get the other girls to go along and some of those others are so weak that if I hadn't threatened them, they would have messed up everything by telling the truth.  That idiot, Mary Warren, almost did that when she told John that she never saw any spirits and that she'd faked the fainting. Hah!  I had those other girls so scared of me that they'd do anything I told them to do! Still, Mary's confession, ruined everything because Rev. Hale believed her.  That's why I'm here, people would have turned against me.  They wouldn't understand that I did everything I did out of love for John. It's not my fault that people were accused of witchcraft and killed for it.  I didn't sentence those people to death.  All I ever did was love someone.  And as for the money I took from my uncle - he owed me that for catching us in the woods and for his daughter starting this mess.

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