Imagine the perfect world. What would it look like? Express it in drawing, video, song, or a poem. How would your world be different from our world today? How would it be the same?

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The idea of perfection is very subjective. Each person's answer to this question is going to be different. To answer this question, think about what values are most important to you. Do you value anything in particular, such as honesty, ambition, integrity, hope, accountability, respect for differences, etc.? Many values can be divided into categories of personal freedoms and group accountability. Do you think that people should be completely free to do as they wish? Or is it better if we all make compromises so that the greater good is served? Perhaps you feel that we can strike a balance between these two notions?

Maybe you can find inspiration by thinking about something that makes you feel good. Is it spending quality time with family or friends? Is it realizing a personal goal? This may help you identify values to include in a perfect world. On the flip side, think about an experience that makes you feel bad, and try to identify why. This would be something to eliminate from your perfect world.

Also, think about the actual world as it exists. What type of real-world stories make you feel good? What is it about these stories that you think should be part of your perfect world? Also, what type of stories make you angry or sad? Try to identify what it is about these stories that make you feel this way. These would be things to change when you imagine your perfect world.

If you look to the news for inspiration, just keep in mind that much of it can appear negative. Try to find some stories that also have a message that feels positive to you. Try to identify why these are positive, and include those elements in your perfect world.

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