Imagine that you are Robert E. Lee's son, the recipient of this letter, and write a response to the general's letter. 

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tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The three main issues that are discussed in Robert E. Lee's letter to his son are honesty, doing one's duty, and not purposely hurting other people. His son, George Washington Custis Lee, fought along side his father during the war. Knowing these things would help to make an authentic answer to his soldier-father. His son would probably thank his father for the great example that he was to him in his life. He might explain that it might have been difficult to follow in such a great leader's footsteps, but that it was an honor that he accepted out of loyalty and love to his father. His son might also promise his father that he would do his best to lead a life worthy of being the great General Lee's son and to make him proud. Further, a proud son might promise never to let his children and grandchildren forget the great legacy that General Lee left on this earth.

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