Imagine that you are Mrs. Peters in A Jury of Her Peers. Briefly describe the crime scene as you see it.

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In writing your assignment, consider the character of Mrs. Peters before you describe the crime scene from her point of view. Remember that she is the wife of the sheriff. Her friend, Mrs. Hale, is all for covering up the evidence they find, but Mrs. Peters is conflicted about it. She is reminded that she is "married to the law" and yet, should she do what is right according to the law, or do what is right according to her conscience?

If I were writing this, I would start out by describing the crime scene from the point of view of a woman who is upset over the murder but also a woman who is somewhat shocked by what she sees in the farmhouse; a dirty kitchen, a crooked stitch on a quilt, broken fruit jars, an empty canary cage. Remember that at first, the women are surprised by these crime scene observations, but slowly, they come to understand their significance, so I would try to bring this out in my description.

For example:

Mrs. Hale and I were quite surprised over the condition of Minnie's house. The kitchen looked like it had not been cleaned in weeks. There were broken fruit jars in the pantry, and the most amazing thing, there was a bird cage but we did not find any bird in it. The little door was swinging open. We looked around the house to see if we could find the little bird, but little did we realize that eventually we would find it, but it would be dead!

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