Imagine that you are Boo Radley. In his voice (first person narrative), write a journal entry of Boo's recording about what he has been doing and seeing.

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This assignment is a creative venture that needs only to stay in character with Boo Radley's personality as evinced from the accounts of Miss Maudie and from the observations of Scout and her brother Jem. He was kept at home because he became delinquent with the Old Sarum boys; about sixteen years later, Boo attempted some revolt when, sixteen years later, he stabbed his father in the leg with a scissors, and Boo Radley has lived in what is practically solitary confinement for around twenty-five years (this is mentioned in a later chapter of the novel).

That this type of confinement changes people psychologically is well-documented. In one voluntary study with students who were confined alone with restrictions on their sight and hearing for several days

Nearly every student lost the ability “to think clearly about anything for any length of time,” while several others began to suffer hallucinations. 

From reports on prisoners who have been subjected to solitary confinement, in addition to those mentioned above, many have also developed suicidal tendencies, hypersensitivity, obsessions that become crippling, inability to concentrate, remember things, and even stay alert. Such dysfunctions should, then, certainly be demonstrated in what Boo writes as he participates passively in the lives of Jem, Scout, and Dill. For example, as Boo clandestinely watches out his window and sees the children across the street, he might record his thoughts in this manner:

  • Date: Thursday, maybe, I'm not even sure what day it is.
  • There are three children across the street who keep looking over here. What do they think I am? Do they want to hurt me? Why are they staring over here? I wish I could tell them that I was once just like them.  [Continue]
  • Date: Saturday?
  • Those two boys and the girl who dresses like a boy came closer last night.  I don't know what they were doing, but Nathan shot at them! The one boy left his pants!  [Continue]
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