Imagine that Curley and Lennie have been arrested. After the fight, both cheracters wrote diary entries to show emotions.  What would Curley write?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Curley's diary entry would be scattered, filled with the rage and meanness that defines his character.  I think that he would write about how he "could have taken Lennie," who might have been referred to as "the big guy" or some other derogatory term for someone of Lennie's stature.  Curley would have voiced anger at having let himself be in a position that would cause him to lose the fight.  Curley might also be writing about the threat that Slim issued in terms of how he felt like a victim in having to be silenced and having to keep silent because of losing the fight.  Curley would write about these experiences and do so in a rage and anger, the root of which would be the loveless relationship he shares with his wife.  I think that this would enter into his diary entry as well, as he is constantly having "ants in his pants" about it.  This is a reflection as to how empty their relationship really is, something that she alludes to her talks with Lennie later on in the novel.  A diary entry in which there is resentment and rage would be where his mindset would be after such a fight.