imagine mewhat is the meaning of the song imagine me by kirk franklin?

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To me, this song is about reinventing oneself. In this context, you can think of it as reinventing oneself in Christ, or the church. Many people who have low self-esteem find that joining a church or finding religion fills a hole in their lives. It's not for everyone, but it has helped many.
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The speaker in the song is talking about how he used to be insecure and now he has overcome that.  He used to take the bad things people said (especially his parents) seriously.  Because of that, he could not accept God's love.  Now he feels good enough about himself to accept that God really loves him, and it was Jesus who helped him get to this point.

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Usually a song, a poem, or any title that imagine in it generally is about what a person really is and what the person wants others to think of him or her. It is always a difference between reality and perception, a difference between how a person acts and how they are perceived. 

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