Imagine that you are John, the narrator, telling the Hill people about your journey. Briefly summarize the main events of the journey.

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would start your narration with why John was allowed to go east in the first place.  In fact, John had a dream about going east, but he was still forbidden to go east.  What convinced him to go east was the appearance of several "signs."  John thought that the eagle flying east and the deer travelling east meant that he too should go east.  

I prayed and purified myself, waiting for a sign. The sign was an eagle. It flew east. . . Then three deer passed in the valley going east—they did not mind me or see me. There was a white fawn with them—a very great sign.

After that, I would talk about John's arrival at the banks of the Hudson river.  Be sure to mention his thoughts about the "god-roads" that extended over the waters.  Next John built a raft in order to get over to Manhattan island.  He explored for a bit and was forced to avoid some wild dogs.  

I had just found a door I could open when the dogs decided to rush. Ha! They were surprised when I shut the door in their faces—it was a good door, of strong metal.

Once John was inside of a building, he explored its interior spaces.  He marveled at the bathroom fixtures for a bit and eventually fell asleep.  During his sleep, John had a dream about the former inhabitants of the city.  When he finally woke up, John discovered a dead body in the apartment.  It was at that moment that he realized the "gods" were regular men and women like him.  

That is all of my story, for then I knew he was a man—I knew then that they had been men, neither gods nor demons.

Then John came home and vowed to begin restoring the lost knowledge of humanity.