Imagine a deadly virus has appeared in Canada. List eight preventative measures individual should personally take to avoid catching or spreading of the disease?

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For a deadly virus, hopefully there is a vaccine.  Taking the vaccine would help a persons immune system organize a response to the virus should they catch it.  There are obvious things that would be helpful in combatting contracting such a virus.  One would be careful, methodical hand washing.  The use of hand sanitizer has been a recent development that is instituted in most public facilities.  The use of sanitizing towellettes on items used by the general public, such as shopping carts, would be a good idea.  Covering when one sneezes or coughs helps to reduce the spread of disease.  Keeping the temperature level at lower levels would cut down the incubation time for the virus.  The use of face masks to filter air breathed in would help screen out harmful pathogens.  And finally, avoid going to hospitals and emergency rooms unless absolutely necessary---that's where all the sick people are.

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