Imagine and describe what the boundary between the communities and the outside world looks like in The Giver.

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In Lois Lowry's celebrated novel The Giver, Jonas lives in an austere, structured community, which is founded on the principles of Sameness. In Jonas's community, the Committee of Elders controls nearly every aspect of the citizens' lives and the regulations of Sameness significantly alter the natural landscape. For example, the sun does not shine on Jonas's community, there are no hills, and the climate is controlled. Although Lowry does not go into specific details regarding the other communities outside of Jonas's society, one can infer that they are very similar.

Towards the beginning of the story, Lily mentions that her age group was visited by another group of Sixes from a nearby community. Lily mentions that their methods and rules were somewhat strange but their adherence to structure and uniformity was relatively the same. When Jonas escapes his community, he notices that the dwellings of the surrounding communities are also dark and gray, which further supports the theory that the surrounding communities are similar to Jonas's.

As Jonas travels away from the community, he begins to notice the environment becoming more unpredictable and less uniform. The natural environment is also colorful, and he sees wildlife for the first time as he travels closer to Elsewhere. Given the description of the changing environment, one could imagine that there is an expansive amount of land that is flat and colorless between the communities and the outside world.

The fact that Jonas crosses a bridge during his escape also indicates that there is a body of water surrounding his community, which may also serve as a boundary between the surrounding communities and the outside world. There is also the possibility that there is a massive body of water surrounding the communities as well as a flat, colorless plain separating the world of Sameness from the outside world of Elsewhere. This flat, colorless environment expands into the wilderness, which eventually becomes less uniform and similar to the natural atmosphere of Elsewhere.

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