In "An Astrologer's Day," imagine alternative outcome and endings of the story.

Expert Answers
lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In "An Astrologer's Day," there is an alternative ending that would make the story unique. Instead of Guru Nayak being satisfied of his attacker's death, he could recognize the astrologer. Then the two of them could fight. Guru Nayak could stab the astrologer and leave him for dead. However, the astrologer could live to tell his story. At any rate, both men are now even. 

One of the nearby vendors could intervene and save the astrologer's life. One of the nearby vendors could fight with Guru Nayak and keep him from killing the astrologer. Guru Nayak could run off out of fear of being arrested. Then the nearby vendor could dress the astrologer's knife wound. He could take care of the astrologer by taking him to a nearby hospital. 

Guru Nayak could have his revenge. The astrologer could forgive himself for stabbing Guru Nayak years ago. The story could end on a note that both men were even. The astrologer could recuperate and continue his business. The astrologer could be forever thankful to the nearby vendor for risking his own life to save the astrologer.