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lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes!  Imagery is the use of language to evoke the senses of emotions in a piece of literature.  The most common type of imagery is language used to create a visual picture of a person, place or thing.  Authors also try to recreate the aural sense by describing the sound of things; the sense of taste with words to describe the sweet, bitter, salty etc.  A fourth type of imagery describes the textual of things in order to create sense(touch) imagery.  The last type of imagery is the sense of smell.  IT is through the use of all the types of imagery, that the author can create for the reader the experience of "being there."  Once all of the physical senses are enlivened by the language, then emotional and psychological senses can be touched.  For example, A rough touch of dried fur and a loud shout, followed by a foul odor and the description of a rotten corpse can combine to create a feeling of horror in the reader.