Imagery in Macbeth: blood, darkness and animals.

Expert Answers
luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm guessing you are asking for examples of how and where in the story these appear.  Blood is throughout the play from Act 1, sc. 2 and the Captain's description of Macbeth's bloody victory in battle to the decapitated head of Macbeth that Macduff presents to Malcolm in Act 5, sc. 8.  There is blood dripping from the imaginary dagger Macbeth sees in Act 2., sc. 1, then there is blood on his hands in the next scene when he kills Duncan.  Lady Macbeth gets blood on her hands after the murder and, in her madness in Act 5, sc. 1, continually tries to wash it from her hands.  The murderer, appearing at the banquet in Act 3, sc 4, has Banquo's blood on his face. Banquo's bloody ghost appears to Macbeth in that scene causing Macbeth to say to his wife, ",,,blood will have blood."  Darkness is throughout the play, as well.  The witches are referred to as "powers of darkness" by Banquo in Act 1, sc. 3.  In the next scene, Macbeth asks the stars to hide their fires, making it dark, so no light shines on his ambitious desires.  In sc. 5 of that act, Lady Macbeth invokes the powers of darkness to help her in murdering Duncan.  It is a dark, starless night, as noted by Banquo in Act 2, sc. 1,  when Duncan is killed.  Lady Macbeth, in Act 5, sc. 1, demands that light be with her always as she washes that imaginary blood from her hands.  The most significant reference to animals is in Act 2, scenes 3 and 4.