Please provide two examples of imagery and figures of speech in Romeo and Juliet, act 1, scene ii, and tell me how are they used.

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One figure of speech is personification, giving human qualities to non-human things.  Capulet personifies the Earth when talking to Paris about Juliet:

The earth hath swallowed all my hopes but she  (Act II, scene i)

The earth is giving a "mouth" to demonstrate how the passage of time has caused Capulet's dreams to be unfulfilled.  This is also imagery because it gives a clear image of a scene.

Another figure of speech is metaphor, the comparison between two unlike things.  Benvolio uses a metaphor when speaking to Romeo about his heartache:

one fire burns out another's burning,
One pain is lessen'd by another's anguish (act I, scene ii)

The "fire" mentioned here is being compared to Romeo's pain.  Benvolio is saying everyone has pain (there are always fires everywhere) but that the pain does burn out.  In other words, Romeo will move on from this, and there will be other heartaches - but also other joys.  The fire burning out is also an example of imagery.

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