Research social attitudes towards the role of government.   I'm in year 10 and I've picked history as one of my GCSE's. I find it really hard and am struggling with some homework. Help me please

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History is a fascinating subject and there is a lot of information to discover, digest and recall. Find a way to study that works well for you - split your history into themes or time periods and so on. If you are attracted by color, use color in your study material. Stay focused by splitting your research material into small,manageable units. Make your own poster with ALL important dates, depending on the time periods and use ONLY key words to help you recall relevant information.

Historically, governments fight a losing battle in their attempts to keep their constituents happy. In democracy, when one party is defeated by another, that party has many unresolved issues to manage and, even with the best intentions, they cannot even begin to implement their own policies until they have solved problems created by previous governments.

People tend to complain about government because it is always about the "bigger picture" so personal issues may appear to be overlooked. Issues important to specific communities sometimes appear to be overlooked as governments strive to please most of the people some of the time!

Generally,the role of government is to provide education, hospitals and health care, secure  and sufficient employment, adequate policing, a fair justice system, available housing and so on. All of these cause social issues if the government fail in their responsibilities.  

In the past, governments have taken steps that have changed the face of a country. South Africa, after years of negotiations and even violence, to end Apartheid, finally did so in 1994. The ANC government had an enormous task as the majority of people waited for the many promises to be realized.

Unfortunately, 19 years later, they are still struggling to provide the social state they promised. No longer able to blame the inherited problems to the same extent, the people see the government's role as provider and due to many logistical problems and the ever present corruption, the government has not been able to deliver to the masses, although huge inroads have been made. Education is still a problem and housing - or lack of basic services in rural areas- have become the most prominent problems.

Abraham Lincoln is famous for saying ""of the people, by the people and for the people" in the meeting of expectations and the role of government.

Attitude is everything when a subject is challenging so do your best at all times and enjoy it as you go along.