If I'm writing a term paper about "interest groups" and "health policy," what should I focus on or write about?

Expert Answers
annekld eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The interaction of interest groups on health policy has long been an issue in United States government and politics. There are may aspects of health policy that can be investigated. One of the most current issues directly related to health policy is health insurance and the effect that interest groups have on shaping how the government pays for or directs citizens to pay for services. There are other aspects of health policy concerning pharmaceutical regulation and availability. Also, the use of and proper labeling of potentially dangerous additives can fall under the health policy umbrella, but be wary of going to far into the agricultural side of the argument. 

Once you pick an area that seems to be the most relevant to you, research special interest groups related to that area. Looking at news articles both current and from the recent past could provide an invaluable starting source for finding points of controversy or learning who the specific players are in a specific area of health policy. Be sure that after the preliminary research is complete, you find credible and academic sources on which to build the bulk of your term paper. The interactions may be both positive and negative, so be prepared to look at more than one angle in your research.