What would be an interesting topic unifying "The Daughters of the Late Colonel" and "The Garden Party"?

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These are two great stories by Katherine Mansfield and so you will have lots to write about when you have decided the topic you are going to base your assignment around. One idea that dominates the work of this excellent short story writer is captivity and the way that this term is applied to women. You might want to explore the way that both Laura and the two daughters, Josephine and Constantia are entrapped in various ways and to what extent they are successful in fighting against this captivity.

It is clear that we are presented with two daughters who have been completely dominated in every form by their father. Their lives, up until the death of their father, have been centred around avoiding the ire of their father and avoiding him period. Their characters show the way that their father's house has become a kind of cage for them, just as their own inability to act engages them too. Note how they constantly worry about the consequences of certain actions and are ruled so much by...

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