In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, help me compare and contrast the Bingley-Darcy and Jane-Elizabeth relationships.

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In both of these pairs, there is a secondary individual and a primary one. Bingley and Jane are secondary while Darcy and Elizabeth are primary. The interesting paradox (seeming contradiction between truth and what is) is that the two secondary individuals teach the two primary ones lessons and are proven correct in situations where the primaries are proven incorrect. The foundation of each of these pairs is a deep mutual bond of love, esteem, admiration and friendship.

While Bingley and Jane are, for the most part, followers of Darcy and Elizabeth, respectively, they are also the voices of reason while Darcy and Elizabeth are the voices of emotional reaction . This may seem an odd statement to make about Darcy, but his censure of Elizabeth at the Meryton...

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