I'm teaching Rebecca H. Davis's Life in the Iron Mills.  Any suggestions for films (fiction or docum.)about 19th C factory labor? I've been lecturing/facilitating class discussion for so long, I'd like to bring something interesting to the classroom just to shake things up a bit.  I'd love to show a film clip that illustrates working conditions--esp. for women.  These are college students so no worries about appropriate content.  Thanks!

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I love this novella and taught it as part of Human Resource Management, as part of helping college students understand why we have the many employment/labor laws.

Here's a link that has 3 films noted, not sure it's the right time frame, but it's worth checking into.

This link talks about using film to teach the Industrial Revolution and adds some films not included in the first one. It also includes some suggestions for projects for a social studies class.

A tin mine might be apropos to your class discussion, so this BBC film could prove useful.

A film that is in the making now is Millies, which uses a modern day setting to tell some of the story of the textile mills in Lawrence, MA.  I feel especially close to this project as my mother and her parents both worked in these mills.  The students might relate to some of the story line, as it mixes present day with the past.  Director Lorrie Fritchy has also documented the destruction of several of these old mills, which might be interesting to students and engage them.

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