I'm taking a mid-semester test for middle school. Currently, we are learning about Imperialism and the Industrial Revolution. On our study guide, there is the question: Is there a connection...

I'm taking a mid-semester test for middle school. Currently, we are learning about Imperialism and the Industrial Revolution. On our study guide, there is the question: Is there a connection between Imperialism and Industrialization? I understand what to say, but I just don't know how to phrase it. This is my current answer:

Yes, there is a connection between Imperialism and the Industrial Revolution. Because imperialism is caused by countries that had the industrial revolution. That means that those developed countries' economies are good so they can control and imperialize other countries with physical and political force. While the countries that did not go though the industrial revolution, they can be easily controlled for their factories and weapons weren’t that developed. This is why Imperialism and Industrial Revolution relate to each other.

I think it's very choppy. So can you please give me advice to help me rephrase this answer? Thank you very much! 

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would recommend you drop the first word in the first sentence. There is no need to start with the word yes. This makes it sound like you are having a conversation with somebody.  Make the second sentence into a sentence. You have written the second sentence as a phrase. I would reword the second sentence by indicating the industrial revolution can lead to imperialism. Then give examples of countries that were imperialistic and experienced the industrial revolution. The United States and Britain could be used as examples. Explain that these countries needed raw materials, and they could get them more cheaply if they had colonies than if they had to buy them from other countries. Also, explain that the colonies provided a place where they could sell the products made by their factories. I would give examples of places each country colonized to support why they wanted colonies. For example, Great Britain had the American colonies while the United States had the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico. From there, I would explain that imperialistic countries need colonies so the military, especially the navy, would have a place to resupply and refuel their ships. Without colonies, it would be much more difficult to protect the international trade because the navy needs ports where they can dock their ships. I would then conclude with a statement that there is a connection between imperialism and industrialization.

I hope these ideas help you rewrite your answer in a smooth flowing response.

mrkirschner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is important to understand that there are two major motives for imperialism and they are both related to industrialization.  First, the industrial country needs natural resources in order to be successful in manufacturing.  Finished products require smaller components like minerals, petroleum, or cash crops like cotton or sugar.  These materials are found in the countries industrial powers take over. The second important point is that by dominating weaker countries, they are able to force those countries to buy their manufactured goods.  In this way, they have created new markets for their products.  

While you have mentioned the reason it is easy for industrial countries to take over weaker ones, you have not mentioned why they need to.  You may want to consider adding this to your essay.

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