I'm reading the book "Monster" by Walter Dean Myers, please list around 5 similarities and differences between Steve and his Mother. Thank You!

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teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hello! You asked for 5 similarities and differences between Steve Harmon and his mother.

1)Similarity: When Steve's mother first comes to see him, she is crying.  She tries to explain to Steve the reason it took so long for her to come and see him, but Steve knows the reason just by looking at her tears. Steve tries to be strong for her; it's his way of letting his mother know that he loves her and is sorry for the pain he has caused her. Steve's mother tries to encourage him by asking him to read aloud a bible verse she had marked off. Both Steve and his mother love each other. That is established by their first contact.

2)Difference: Steve's mother thinks that she should have contacted a black lawyer for her son. However, Steve doesn't think that it is a matter of race.

3)Difference: Steve's mother is convinced that he is innocent. She tells him that it doesn't matter what anyone else says. She tells him she loves him and that she believes in his innocence. Steve is not so sure.

4)Difference: Steve's mother is worried about the verdict. She desperately wants her son to be set free. However, Steve is resigned to the fact that he might have to appeal his case. He knows that all the arguments to establish his innocence have already been made on his behalf. He is willing to look ahead, to stay positive, and to explore options for appeal should his case fall through.

5)Similarity: After the verdict, both Steve and his mother are happy that he has been found innocent by the jury and that Steve is home. She is so grateful that she is happy with whatever Steve chooses to do, even though she doesn't understand why he is making a film of his experience. Steve looks at his project not just as an act of catharsis, but also as a way to explore who he is and who he should be. Steve's mother supports him and Steve is happy to engage in a constructive project which will contribute to his own healing and his personal growth.

Hope this helps. Thanks for the question.