i'm a master student of English Literature. i'm looking for a researchable topic for my dissertation. I'm good in drama and novel if you have an intersting topic of another field it's ok but...

i'm a master student of English Literature. i'm looking for a researchable topic for my dissertation. I'm good in drama and novel 

if you have an intersting topic of another field it's ok but please be sure that i can found many resources for it

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree with post #4.  As you indicate you are good at drama and novel, I would list two of each that you love or hate and list points under each which could give you an idea of the one you can actually write about and truly care because a dissertation takes so much time out of your life.  When you have it narrowed to two, read some criticism of each which should give you an idea of how others see the two works.  Then you must choose your viewpoint and the work you will be using; remember to spend time considering carefully.  Do you want to choose a very modern controversial novel or one like Huck Finn which has been discussed forever? Do you want to choose one author and argue which one of his/her books should be considered a literary classic?  Do you agree with the criticism on a modern drama such as Ma Rainey's Black Bottom? Do you think it has something new to say which you think is a unique perspective?  Good luck and choose well.

mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The writing of a dissertation involves a search for something different from anything previously mentioned.  Therefore, you may want to take one of the literary works with which you are familiar and critique it from an unusual approach.  Perhaps, taking one that is classified as Expressionist, or Romantic, etc. and arguing that it can also be another movement such as Modernist, etc.  Or, argue for some element in it that has not already been pointed out such as the symbolism of some new concept, or some new purpose for imagery, and so on. 

At any rate, reading criticisms on the work you are considering will afford you the ideas already covered while, at the same time, doing so may generate new ideas for you.  Good luck!

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
How about a study that involves novels and drama? I am thinking of a study that compares the two forms of art and determines which one is more effective at doing what. For example, you might argue that characterization is more effective in novel than in drama because you can hear characters' thoughts.
mohammedd | Student

I'm an undergraduate 4th year English's student (going to get my bachelor’s degree in few months :)

from my little experience, I suggest doing a comparative study between Joseph conrad's Kurtz and Marlow, and Jay Gatsby and Nick carraway of Fitzergerald's The Great Gatsby respectively. which means  Kurtz Vs. Jay Gatsby and Marlow the narrator Vs. Nick carraway the narrator.

and since you are a Master's student, looking for a researchable topic for you dissertation, and you are good at drama and novels

this topic as far as I'm concerned is the best for you, in addition it totally fit with the criterion mentioned in post #4, which is to deal with a literary work from unprecedented angle.

If you are interested in this topic or anyone else, I can provide you with some ideas how to start this comparison.

this is my email intex27@live.com

shosho22 | Student

thanks alot i'll think of what you all say but i have exams these days but please keep posting ypur suggestions for i'm sure not just me who will get benefit from it but alot of students too..


thanks again

shosho22 | Student

thanks .. i'll take this in consideration..

shosho22 | Student

Thanks; however, I would prefer something more unusual that has an argument

reeja | Student

why dont you try a comparative study of the art of characterisation between Marlowe and Shakespeare?