Im making a brochure about the givers comunity and need a map couldnt find one so im making my own does everything need to be in a spcific place?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I have never seen an actual map of the community.  One thing that we do know is that the houses are all in one area, along a street, and the communal buildings are a little far from it.  Jonas rides his bike back and forth, so we can guess it’s too far to walk comfortably or quickly.  We also know that there are surrounding agricultural fields, the fish hatchery, and a river.  We can reasonably guess that these are outside the main city limits but not too far outside, since Asher gets distracted by them on the way to school.  We know that there are more communities beyond, and probably not that far since they are exactly like this one and farther out there are hills and uncontrolled landscapes, even snow.

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book "The Giver" I was not able to find specific locations with the exception of the building that houses the old.  It has an annex.  There is a plaza which seems to be where the shops of sort are located.  The plaza is also used for outside gatherings.  The houses seem to be one family unit dwellings in close proximity of the plaza.  There are streets. There is really only one mention of transportation other than bicycles. The Giver is helping Jonas to plan his escape.  He tells Jonas he will attend the December ceremony and have a drive pick him up.  It does not specify in what.  Don't forget the school and play area for the children.  There is also a river that Jonas has to cross where the children had drowned.