Where can I find chapter summaries for Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins?

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At this time, you can find chapter by chapter summaries of all of the Hunger Games books by typing in the title of the book and clicking on the drop-down menu on the left-hand side.  I have given you a link to the chapter one summary.  The summaries are very detailed.  Here is an excerpt:

Katniss’s childhood friend, Gale, is now old enough to work in the mines. Working in the mines is dangerous; both Kat and Gale lost their fathers to mining accidents. (ch 1)

You will also find some analysis at the end of each chapter summary, which can be very useful when you want to know not just what happened but what it means.

Katniss will do her best to convince Panem that she and Peeta are madly in love and that their bluff was not an act of rebellion. (ch 2)

At this time the summaries and notes are not as detailed as with some of the other books, but you can find a quiz and trivia.

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I'm trying to find one too. I've looked all over. Have you found anything?