I'm looking for the original text of Elegy on an Australian School Boy (1921) by Australian poet Zora Cross. If anyone has access to a copy, that would be amazing. I only have partial verses.

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Zora Cross was amongst various women, in her case, Australian, who wrote "war" poetry after the first world war. She caused controversy as the subject of some of her works was considered inappropriate, indecent and even quite disreputable.  

Elegy on an Australian Schoolboy reveals her bitterness at the futility of war and how so many young men "Found Youth’s most bitter end." Cross feels let down by "England" as no amount of honor can "break your sleep" nor can it "give you back the dew of earth."

The anger that Cross feels is evident in the sarcastic tone of the poem and she feels helpless as she knows this will happen again as the leaders will "tell of other woe." Australia is far from England and has no chance of being heard and anyway, will be disregarded, just like "a brawling child."

Please see the links for the poem's text. 

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