I'm interested in obtaining details about turning grooves.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Groove is a long narrow channel cut on the surface of a part or component. When these grooves are to be cut along the curved surface of a circular part such as shaft or a bush, we can use turning process for cutting the groves. The grooves can be on the outside surface, or inside surface, like inside of a bush.

The grooves can be cut using special cutting tools that are narrow enough to enter the width of groove. Also the the tools may need to be suitably shaped to cut grooves with desired sectional shape. For cutting of inside grooves the it is necessary to have suitable tool holders to reach the internal cutting location.

giorgiana1976 | Student

One of the most important detail in turning grooves is to ensure a proper chip evacuation from the groove. Because it's important that the width of chip to be reduced as much as possible, establishing a suitable feed rate, depending on the material "grooved", is a crucial step in turning groove  process. A larger number of grooves can be machined with a lower feed rate, instead a higher feed rate which could create wear on the rake face (crater type wear).

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