I am  having trouble writing a speech writing on "Values Enrich our Lives." Please give me some tips on how to write the speech.

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carol-davis eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In writing a speech, the speaker must choose his topic.  That has been done for the speaker in this situation.  The topic is Values Enrich People's Lives. If this is an informative speech, the speaker must explain what a value system is and how does it enrich a person's life.

Break apart the question:

First, define all the words that need to be fully understood: values and enrich.

Begin by researching values.

1. What is a value? Values are principles, standards, or qualities that enhance a person's life.

2. Values will vary from one person to another because they depend on a personal judgment. There is no set of standard values for everyone.

3.  More specifically,  a person's values help him to discover what motivates him in his work, family, and decisions.

Here is a sample list of values that a person might have in his life: spirituality, devotion to family, integrity, respect, wisdom, compassion, achievement, success.

4. Values are fairly stable until a person's life changes.  Then, many times things become less important.  As one's definition of success changes, so do his values.

Define the meaning of enrich.

Now, the basics for the speech have been established.  The speech ideas should be organized. The decision must be made as to what three points will need to be made for the speech.

Values enrich a person's life.

  • What are values?
  • Why are they important?
  •  How do values impact a person's life in a positive way?

Those are the three areas that the speaker might discuss as the body of the speech.  The speaker will need to do research on values in order to have information to supply for the details in his speech.

I. Under the first point, the speaker would want to define values.  Give some examples of values. Tell a story about what values mean.

II. Explain the importance of values.  Look up on the internet the importance of having a value system.  Why is this important?

III. This is the most important point?  How do values change a person's life?  When person's life changes (having a family or changing a career), how does his value system change?

After the body is developed, then the speech needs an introduction.  Begin with a quotation or story about having values or a value system.  Use the internet for this part.  Then introduce the topic and give the thesis statement.

The conclusion comes next.  Summarize briefly the points made in the speech.  Use different words.  For example,  instead of repeating values over and again, use words like life standards or principles; belief system; morals; ideals to live by. These are other expressions that say about the same thing.  The point is not to say the same thing repeatedly.  Conclude with another idea that reinforces the point of the speech. Again use a quotation or a story.

From this information, the speaker should be able to put together a grand speech on this topic.

I. Introduction

II. Three body points




III. Conclusion